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Rando is Regretful in DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Dusty "Rando" Armstrong
Adopted and previous son of Brad Armstrong
Has a terrible Stutter Issue ever since he was a child
Leader of the renowned Rando Army who places their operations throughout all Olathe
His favorite food is Beans on Toast
The technical brother of Buddy Armstrong
According to the LISA Community, did nothing wrong
Is inspired by Jago and Raoh from Fist of the North Star

-Throughout time, managed to be respected and grow his own army
-Was successfully taught and trained by Brad Armstrong, his former master and father
-Lived through the event that was the White Flash
-Fought and matched with on par with Brad Armstrong in a final battle
-Survived having his face mutilated and sawed off by his former training partner, Buz
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The Faces of Evil: Prelude (Spoilers)

Arachnid: Evil, it comes in many shapes, forms and sizes manifesting itself within monsters of myths, fairy-tales and even legends spanning throughout the ages; there is no arguing that evil takes form in some of the strangest origins whether it being from an experiment gone wrong, personal grudge or even being the definition of evil itself... A Tree and a Triangle.
Scorpio: Aku, The Master of Masters, Shogun of Sorrow, The Deliverer of Darkness and the Demon Overlord of Samurai Jack. (Whew...)
Arachnid: And Bill Cipher, The Nightmare of Gravity Falls. Given the two's now completed incarnations we will be putting them at their peak, but, likewise excluding anything that isn't natural to their arsenal like The Mindless Evil or looking into any outliers Bill may have hidden beneath his feats... or no limits fallacies.
Scorpio: Bleh, NLF's- Anyways, he's Arachnid and I'm Scorpio
Arachnid: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor a
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Arachnid: Alright, the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all!
Scorpio: Braid those fringes and tie those ponytails at the ready for it's time for a DEATH BATTLE!
Arachnid: Let's get right in!
Streets of New Meridian, Midnight
The City of New Meridian, an unforgiving sight for crime, thievery and in the most worst cases murder. However, with all those disasters the City was always quiet throughout those casualties especially on the streets of this dangerous location. In the sights of all the rummaging life or shadowy faces, a young girl was making her way blindly across the silent roads with one hand close to her chest at all times; slick black hair with unusual spike like protrusions from the top, a slightly outgrown schoolgirl outfit and blood-red eyes this was none other than the Skullgirl fighter, Filia and it seemed she wasn't in any particular hurry and seemed to be admiring the scenery of all the brightl
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Injustice 2 Guest Character: Yoshikage Kira


-Voice Actor: Rikiya Koyama
-Symbol: Killer Queen's Skulls
-Character Type: Gadget, Kira has two forms he can use and two different types of bomb-styles at his disposal.
-Offense Intro: Kira walks in fastening his skull-themed tie and relaxing his neck with a glimpse of Killer Queen behind his back.
-(In his Karajiri intro, he has a briefcase and is seen finishing a call before giving off a cold glare.)
-Defense Intro: Kira is seen walking and whilst doing so secretly opens his jacket to reveal his girlfriend's severed hand in his pocket and gives it a gentle look before turning to his foe with a cold look and as a purple aura surrounds him, Killer Queen begins to form from a silhouette with soulless red eyes before taking it's true form and does it's signature pose as it's purple aura emanates largely around it with the subtle "Menacing" captions surrounding the two characters i
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Injustice 2 Guest Character: Aku, Masterful Master


-Voice Actor: Greg Baldwin/Mako Iwamatsu
-Symbol: Top-half of Aku's face to which his eyebrows continuously burn
-Character Type: Power
-Offense Intro: Aku laughs from behind and smoothly turns around to show his face with a blank, evil expression.
-Defense Intro: Aku descends from a Time Portal in a blob of evil before regaining his shape as his facial features begin to form and begins to laugh evilly whilst the camera pans to his face.
-Ability - Unspeakable Evil: Aku takes little to less damage from an armed enemy and due to this can resist more harder strikes for him to counter or break a combo.
-Super Move - The Future that is Aku: Aku begins to screech and from his mouth a time portal open and firing his laser beams forcibly sends his foe into the far-future where his evil is law, as the opponent falls from the portal a Scorpion form of Aku from the fu
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Injustice DLC Roster: [Neutrality Draws Near] by Arachnid-le-Spider Injustice DLC Roster: [Neutrality Draws Near] :iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 4 2 Makoto vs Narancia by Arachnid-le-Spider Makoto vs Narancia :iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 3 6
Pannacotta Fugo Infects DEATH BATTLE!

-Name: Pannacotta Fugo
-Appearance: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (1995), Purple Haze Feedback (2011)
-Age: 16
-Height: 172cm
-Owner of the Stand: Purple Haze
-Nationality: Neapolitan
-Proud wearer of Vanilla Ice clothing
-Originally was going to be a Spy of Diavolo
--Glad Araki isn't that mean
-Really good dancer

-Despite his little physical appearance is actually pretty tough
-Comparable to Narancia and Mista to an extent
--Also physically comparable to Giorno and Bruno
-Gave Zucchero a brutal beatdown
-Brutally beat one of his teachers with an Encyclopedia
-Joined Passione and passed Pulpo's test
-Fought Illuso and won with Purple Haze
-Has possibly one of the most dangerous stands in Jojo's Bizarre Advent
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The Twisted Fortress of Needles Kane: Prelude

Scorpio: I have feared no men in my life... nor women (Unless I had too many shots), but those... things... they scare me.
Arachnid: How far would you go as to kill someone, to lose control, to give in to your most basic desires of kill or be killed and most importantly how far would you need to go to realize you're playing with more than just fire, figuratively and literally. For throughout ages man has always conjured bizarre or strange ideals on their lifestyle and others have speculated on those in the past with these killer intentions but sometimes you can't look on someone on the inside but rather on the outside and on the outside does it really burn.
Scorpio: Burns as far as flesh to bone. The Pyro, Teufort's Masked Mercenary that put the new meaning to the word "Pyromaniac."
Arachnid: And Needles Kane, competitor of the game Twisted Metal and the driver of the Nefarious Ice Cream Truck, Sweet Tooth.
Scorpio: Get ready to set
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Bad Hair Day: Prelude

Scorpio: I this this will be a hair-raising match.
Arachnid: What- (Scorpio: Count on me, it's going to be something to Dye for. I'm not sure who will be splitting ends this time, I suppose it will be one bad hair day.) Scorpio, please stop with all these pun- (Scorpio: Ah don't fringe at me, Arachnid what's the world without a bit of lengthy fun I'm not ready to comb alone this time besides I've got to be straightener with-) [Audible Punch]
Scorpio: HAIR, yes hair... hair... -Ahem- Er, Hair has aided us across the ages whether it be by recognizing scent, making us different different from other people in the crowds, of course decorate and makeover and even be used as a fucking weapon somehow even if it has no nerve.
Arachnid: It's true. Hair in fiction has guided us to be our own weapons in defense, support or even offense entirely, in fact some of the strongest to use these magical hair properties are none other than fe
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Now you see me and Now you Don't: DEATH BATTLE!

Arachnid: Alright, the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all!
Scorpio: Get your Hacking Fingers at the ready for it's time for a DEATH BATTLE!
Arachnid: Let's get right in!
BLU Team HQ, Random Ass Location
All was quiet within the vicinity of the BLU Team base for not a single riot was stirring, or at least so they thought. Through an empty corridor, a BLU Scout and Heavy were making their way patrolling their domain making sure that no intruders were inside nor out; as the Heavy with a mini-gun at the ready glanced around he couldn't help but feel more tense feeling that someone was watching than the Scout who was casually chewing on a piece of bubblegum, little did they know that someone was watching from the shadows with a pale grin.
Feeling a sixth sense pick up, The Heavy quickly maneuvered himself around and aimed into the darkness to which there was no response, turning around the Heavy spoke "We might be wat
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Now you see Me and Now you Don't: Prelude

Arachnid: Stealth, the most silent form of movement making us undetected to even the most skilled of adversaries. With stealth we've achieved throughout our generation great escapes, heists and even got away with murder. But none take stealth to a more deadlier notion than the very two near-iconic FPS sneakers.
Scorpio: The Spy, the backstabbing Mercenary of Teufort!
Arachnid: And Sombra, Talon's Leading yet Playful Hacker of Overwatch!
Scorpio: He's Arachnid and I'm Scorpio!
Arachnid: And it's our Job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win A DEATH BATTLE!

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Spirits in the Shell - DEATH BATTLE!

Arachnid: Alright, the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all!
Scorpio: Ladies and Gentlemen, it's LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION for a DEATH BATTLE!
Arachnid: Let's get right in
The CORE, Underground

The Underground, a world beneath ours holding a vast variety of beings and entities alike whom have lived in harmony for generations to come. However even as the lights shine their brightest its always been foreshadowed that this seemingly peaceful realm must meet its challenger one day.
Inside a machine built to rival the power to that of the sun lied our true and bound heroes ascending to the very top, from room to room a plumber in a red cap was a hop, skip and away as he pounced from area to area before he heard a loud, growling voice behind him "Hey Baldy, wait up will 'ya?" snorted a rather bulked reptile donning spiked bracelets and a proud tuft of hair alongside trying to catch up with his companion.
Not too far behind
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Buddy Armstrong is Joyful for DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Buddy "Nancy" Armstrong
Daughter of the late Brad Armstrong
Age: Presumably Teens (12-14)
Born from Russian and Asian Descent
Likes: A Candy Bar that one of her uncles gave her
Hates: Brad, Warlords and being Isolated
The proposed Messiah for Humanity
Is listed the Worst Protagonist by Dingaling/LOVEBRAD Games Austin Jorgenson himself

-Became the "Queen" of Humanity
    -Queen is an understatement, more like Dictator than anything
-Took down Thugs, Gangs, Warlords and Hallucinations in a couple of days
-Comparable to High Tier Characters such as Satan, Brad and Rando
    -Could be said she also scales to Buzzo overall in stats
-Destroyed Yado's Joy Mutant throne while she was in a Joy Fueled Rage
-Took down the remaining Six Warlords of Olathe nearly
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Momentum Conservation, Good vs. Bad: Prelude

Scorpio: Speed and Strength, the most primary feature of any Average Joe super-hero or super-villain, some can come to record-breaking physicality, so much power in fact that their very steps shake the Earth itself and others are so nimble and so quick that you didn't even know they were halfway around the galaxy in the blink of an eye; All this power however comes from simple beginnings and it's either from Scientific Impossibilities or even Ancient Spells, or at least for these two it seems.
Arachnid: The Juggernaut, the X-Men's Unstoppable Adversary that even smashed the Hulk.
Scorpio: And The Flash, the Justice League's Scarlet Speedster. Get ready for some hot-blooded momentum, because we're not slowing down! For he's Arachnid and I'm Scorpio!

Arachnid: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 13 25
LISA: The Regretful - Prelude

Arachnid: Some of the greatest heroes in this world walk the path of righteousness being looked upon as the greatest hope for humanity and salvation. Others are vile hazards of creation meant to only bring discord and despair to those seeking hope or prosperity. Finally, there are those who are those who were just ordinary people, not as a hero nor as a villain just a normal everyday person and when it came to them holding the light to the heroes who fell they became more, but at the same time became broken.
Scropio: Brad Armstrong, the Painful.
Arachnid: And Joel, the Last of Us.
Scorpio: Get ready, for it's gonna be a doozy and we aren't going soft for this fight, no siree, there will be blood, there will be violence, there will be sin and there will be pain and it's what we exist, live and survive for: it's in our DNA to fight and live, we're not just part of the arthropodia species just for you to step on us with your shoe we are survi
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I feel bad I'm not able to give you guys what you want that much anymore.
Who remember playing their childhood games again for the first time in forever and remembering how fucking hard they were?
I'm in Italy for a few days
Part 5 when, or will we get another Kishibe Rohan OVA? I guess this is the power of King Crimson.


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Killian Crossan-Wale
United Kingdom…
You've made it onto my obscure profile, now leave you depress me.
In all seriousness welcome to my unbeknownst profile where I stride to be an Artist/Musician/Writer in my ever so growing life, who knows maybe we can become acquainted or share a debate along the way.
I write stuff called Death Battles a series which resolves around combatants getting into a fight and determining who would win depending on what they bring to the table.

With that being said I hope you enjoy your stay.
Now I must go back to procrastinating with all those Indie Games.


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