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Challenge of the Scorpion and Tiger: Prelude

Arachnid: The true challenge of being a great warrior is not to channel true power of great strength, no, it's to conquer your inner self and hatred and eventually become one with yourself forming a powerful bond of not only great skill, but of great spirit.
Scorpio: Then there is the way of channeling your inner hatred to become not only a successor of your emotion, but a powerful avenger of those who have fallen at your hand and strength. Like Scorpion, the Demonic Ninja of Hell spawned from Mortal Kombat.
Arachnid: And Jago, the Tiger Warrior of Truth made for Killer Instinct.
Scorpion: He's Arachnid and I'm Scorpio!
Arachnid: And it's our job to analyze their Weapons, Armor and Skill to find out who would win a Death Battle!
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 12 5
Match Claim! There are Two Kinds of Heroes... :iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 7 12
Happy New Year Guys! + Special Preview
Time to open the back door and open the front door for the old year to pass and the new year to roll in.
Think that's my favourite tradition now.
Boy, oh boy what a year I tell ya, looking back on my point of view, I've had my ups and downs throughout this course of being in the writing career, making new friends, lots of more acquaintances, trying to interact more socially and rebuild lost trust. While I of course haven't been up to date on Writing and currently I'm trying to get through this horrid phase of being unable to produce my workings onto the site to which I apologise wholeheartedly.
But in any other case, now isn't the time to mope and whine because of some literature; it's the time to celebrate and of course some people have to be mentioned throughout the course of this year, for my goodness they've helped me break out of my semi-depressing stages and bring me to where I currently stand at this moment of time to which I thank fully!
And let me state: Yes, I have been wishy
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 6 20
Anothertale AU :iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 15 3
Cthulhu is Awakened Once More for DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Cthulhu
Origin: H.P. Lovecraft, R'lyeh, Across the Stars
Age: Ageless
Size: Supposedly the size of a Mountain (Never Specified)
Weight: Weightless
One of the most recognizable of Lovecraft's Creations
Supposedly has a Cult worshiping him
Appears when the Stars are right in the sky
Apparently inspired a Metallica Cover
    Even has a Real Life Cult Following

-Threw Humanity into a temporary madness when he woke up
-When he was in his prime supposedly was a feared being across the Nebula
-As an Great Old One is immune to aging
-Able to live underwater for an indefinite amount of time
-Has a Cult and many Followers worshiping him
-Just as popular as the Kraken in Pop Culture
    -Having spawned in many Games, Novels and so forth
-Pledged War with the Elder Things and basically enslaved them to build R'lyeh
    -Eventually waged war on the Outer Gods be
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 25 27
Out of the Depths: Monster Prelude

Scorpio: I think its safe to say the Ocean's fucked at this point.
Arachnid: Ever since we've dared to explore the gloomy waters of the Ocean, we've always wondered what beings live in our uncharted oceans, whether it be radioactive-powered colossi, gigantic marine life or even aliens from Nebula far beyond our Solar System the ocean is home to presumably any of those things theoretically. However when it comes to true Titans of the Seas these ones take the cake by miles.
Scorpio: And don't think we mean that metaphorically for we mean it literally. The Kraken, no real introduction needed.
Aracnhid: And Cthulhu, The Beast which took the new meaning to the phrase "Madness Incarnate". To assure both combatants are on even relatively even playing fields we're including what is fair for each combatant like The Kraken's composite appearance whilst Cthulhu is set in his original incarnation.
Scorpio: Nothing more like some good old-fashio
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 18 32
Jack Skellington vs. Freddy Krueger: Prelude
Got a bit lazy.
Even lazier than I am now.
But I have reasons for time schedules and all that.
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 12 29
Battle Royale [AU] Jago will end your path here!

Jago (Killer Instinct)
Official Research Document
(Arachnid-le-Spider AKA ArachnoGia)
This document’s purpose is to allow for easier and more efficient research on the combatants of Battle Royale. This is an audition template for those who wish to become official researchers for the show! Please make sure to source and provide a picture of anything you can find. Failure to do so may result in that piece of information not being featured in the episode. Any questions about the document, please refer to :iconnocturnbros:. Thank you and happy researching!
Replace (Example A) with the name of the weapon, armor, or power. Replace Picture… with the appropriate picture. Link to a video if necessary. For the feats section, replace the entire exemplar line with a quick description of the feat. Please do not change the fonts unless permitted to do so.
For Sources, please refer to the episode, game, level, comic, movie
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 7 1
Spirits in the Shell - Prelude

Arachnid: Spirits inhabiting an Empty-Shell with a simple purpose in mind, while these opponents have shown to test their metal by showing incredible speed and power their body is a fragile but deadly temple but the question's still intact. Who will hold up and stay intact for this grand finale for the final curtain?
Scorpio: Mettaton, Dr. Alphys greatest creation that took The Underground's attention by storm.
Arachnid: And Geno, The Star Warrior from above.
Scorpio: He's Arachnid and I'm Scorpio!
Arachnid: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!

Also Known As: Hapstablook the Happy Ghost, Dr. Alphys's Greatest Invention
Species: Robot, Formerly Ghost
Occupation: TV Host, Entertainer, Chef, News Anchor, Singer, Actor, Former Human Hunter, Former Snail Farmer
(Mettaton EX Theme):
(Mettaton NEO Theme):

:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 7 13
Mature content
Halloween Prelude: The Icons of Gaming Horror :iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 16 13
Brad Armstrong is Painful for DEATH BATTLE!

(A Broken Man...)
Name: Brad Edwin Armstrong
Age: 35 Years of Age
Nicknames: Worthless shit kid, Idiot, Nobody, Failure, etc.
Successor of the Armstrong Style
Favorite Food: Potato Chips
Enjoys helping the weak
Is labeled as a Broken Man
Set goal is to find Buddy (His adopted daughter)
Battle Theme:

-"Killed" his adopted son Rando (Who was still alive afterwards)
-Fought and killed Joy Mutants
--Who were said to wipe out entire armies with their sheer strength alone
-Fought off the Joy craving for quite a while
-Can take out massive waves and hoards of men easily
-Took out Rando's army with relative ease
-Defeated Satan who is said to win against Big Lincoln in a fight
-Fought a building sized hallucination of Sticky
--Though this was a Joy-fueled illusion
-Taught Rando and Buzzo in martial arts
-Participated in a wrestling tournament and won
--Soon after he was stated to have "
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 17 10
The Kings of the Sea - Prelude

Scorpio: The Ocean. It fucks with you.
Arachnid: It is said we have only explored 5% of our oceans, so in contrast it's almost up to speculation what lies deep below.
Scorpio: It's up to anyone to believe what is underneath the waves, we're talking colossal beasts from the deepest abyss, to beings that have been frozen below the surface for millennia or creatures who sight to bring the continents back down below the water. But the main question is who has the balls to rule these seas with an iron fist? Your answer lies upon the shores.
Arachnid: Deep Sea King, the tyrannical overlord of One Punch Man.
Scorpio: And King Shark, the fish that brought the new name to Jaws of Steel. He's Arachnid and I'm the 90% made of water Scorpio. Now let us prepare for the biggest catch that has ever flopped onto the deck. SHARK WEEK BITCHES!
Arachnid: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skil
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 17 13
Of Monsters and Men - DEATH BATTLE!

Arachnid: Alright the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.
Arachnid: Let's get right in!
Forest, Germany
The forest holds a plethora of supposed myths and legends our minds cannot hope to comprehend. From monstrosities that seek to ravage on your flesh, to beings from far above whom sought to eradicate anything they view your best bet was to either hide or run away without looking back in the grove of trees when it's the bleak of night in such proposed fables.
For as the sun goes down it seems the beasts of the night come to scavenge those who couldn't make it back to their home in time. Now the moon has arisen and it seems when the celestial object soars high over the air the said creatures own the darkness with teeth bared and claws sharp ready to clamp tight.
To some, wandering in a forest at the brink of night is an act of either bravery or a complete
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 35 19
Of Monsters and Men - Prelude

Scorpio: Hey Arachnid quick question, what's the scariest creature you can think of?
Arachnid: What, like Zombies, Vampires, Deities, Sea Monsters-
Scorpio: Nope! Werewolves. Just Werewolves... that and Vampires, but beside that, Werewolves.
Arachnid: ..Indeed, Werewolves are known as creatures of the night, beasts who feed on human flesh leaving society to cower beneath their very howl known for being the true beasts that roam underneath the moonlight, although once human some of these mythological beings give up their sanity to feed the inner wolf inside.
Scorpio: But these two beasts of legend strive to regaining their lost humanity by beating the everlasting shit out of you, if it goes to any extreme they'll try their best to turn back into what they originally were, Like Jon Talbain, The Werewolf Warrior of Darkstalkers.
Arachnid: And Sabrewulf, The Mad Wolf of Killer Instinct.
Scorpio: He's Arachnid and I'm Scorpio!
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 20 11
Noriaki Kakyoin crusades into Death Battle!

Name: Noriaki Kakyoin
Age: 17
First Enemy of Jotaro Kujo
One of the most popular characters in JJBA Part 3.
Owner of the Stand Hierophant Green
Really likes Cherries
    A lot.

-Managed to outwit Tower of Gray a stand who could move faster than Star Platinum's fists
    -Which mind you move at 365C (Massively Faster than Light)
-In his first fight he managed to overpower an inexperienced Jotaro Kujo
-Hierophant Green's tendrils were quick enough to put DIO off balance
-Survived his eyes being slashed open
-Defeated the Dream Stand Death-13
-Helped Jean-Pierre Polnereff in killing J. Geil who's stand could move at the speed of light
-Shown to be the best tactician in the team
-Had his eyes slashed open, recovered within weeks

-Can think of strategies on the go making him the brains of the team
-Good at analyzing foes
-Is a whiz at
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 21 6
The One Man Army - DEATH BATTLE!

Arachnid: Alright, the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all.

Arachnid: Let's get right in!
The deepest depths of Hell, Demon Infested
Life is hell, when you live in, well, Hell, where everything wants you to die a horrible, forgettable death or be burned to nothing but a charred, burning and demon ridden corpse, which is what the convenient demons of Hell want you to be, but since the early, precursor dates of the nineties the game has been changed around with the inclusion of an other-worldly force, someone you could simply call-
"DOOMGUY!" yelled a garbled demon not too far away before in a matter of seconds getting it's brains blasted out, other heathens of nature took this warning dearly as they ran away screeching violently, every moment or so getting mowed down from incoming shots, eventually through the roars of pain and soaring guts t
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 41 26


Free Requests! [OPEN]
Hello there! 
Soo I'm doing free requests.. 
but I can't promise to draw everyones request.
just comment below and maybe check out my drawings if you want. ^-^
I draw everything really. Just comment! :)
Status: Open
:iconxcappu:xCappu 366 683
Commission: Geno vs Metatton :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 15 3 Commission: Pyramid Head vs Nemesis :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 16 7 Ayane :iconshyreptiie:ShyReptiIe 10 5 Blade Under Mask: Touch :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 727 39
Rooster Teeth DEATH BATTLE: Power... More Power!

Vega: Alright the analysis has ended and the combatants are set, let's see which rooster comes out on top!
Grif: This is going to be brutal, isn't it?
Silver: You bet it is. It's time for a Rooster Teeth DEATH BATTLE!
Somewhere in Vale, a tall building next to some fabric halls
"Miss Fall, you're making a terrible mistake."
"Oh Malcolm, have a little faith."
A woman sat at a table in a big, comfy looking room on the highest floor of the building and looked on a small note while holding some kind of cell phone in her hand. She had dark hair, wore a red dress with glass slippers and had a tattoo on her back. This was none other than Cinder Fall.
"I can assure you that I know your abilities very well, but you're taking this way too easy." the voice coming from Cinder's scroll said. "He's not just your average soldier gone rogue, he's more than that. He's a monster and if y
:iconsilverjenkins:SilverJenkins 42 102
RWBY: Summer Emerald :iconkimmy77:kimmy77 657 25
Death Battle: Renegades For Life| The Battle
I know not many of you will agree with this. But keep in mind that this isn't made for any factual point whatsoever. This fight, just like all the future Death Battles I will work on, are made for just entertainment purposes and no other than that.  Still, you can always leave constructive criticism so I can improve in the near future. Thank you very much and enjoy the fight.

Crystal Fire: “Alright, we’ve analyzed our combatants and it is time to settle this for good.”
Dark Nightmare: “IT IS DEATH BATTLE TIME!”.
Location: Hoshigakure’s forests.
The minor village of Hoshigakure was enjoying a moment of peace as usual. On said location, a raven haired young man, who was wearing a bandana, to cover his forehead and visibly showed some sort of a symbol. His top shirt was colored in blue and a part of his arms,
:iconssj4truntanks:SSJ4Truntanks 17 14
Gryllota[WIP] :iconmegawolf77:megawolf77 66 8
~Commission Info~

See here for current statuses before commissioning me, please!

Please don't be afraid to ask questions! I'm very friendly :3
If you're so inclined, those who have commissioned me may fill out the quick Customer Service Form! It would be a big help!



~Art Trade Info~



Anyone want some FREE ART? ~CLOSED~
~Crack Pairings~
Small Bit of Fanservice Maybe?

What I will do:
Sonic OC's and FC'
:iconladyunorthodox:LadyUnorthodox 20 198
Blade Under Mask - 43 :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 330 48 multiki smotrit :iconkastoluza:Kastoluza 109 0 Untitled :iconkastoluza:Kastoluza 131 15 Motoko Colors :iconedwinhuang:edwinhuang 1,214 30 strongk :iconpepperpixel:PepperPixel 1,178 167
Death Battle: Yoh Asakura vs. Shirou Emiya
Raiden: Alright, the combatants are set, the outcome has been researched, and...
Flash, Raiden, and Bayonetta: IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!
The streets of Fuyuki City were dark, cloudy, and empty, with barely any people walking through it. Except for one. He had bright red hair, and wore a long-sleeved white and blue shirt. But the strangest thing about him was the glowing symbol tattooed on the back of his hand. Shirou Emiya was confused. He'd never seen these streets this empty, which scared him a bit, and now, he was sensing something. He wasn't sure exactly what it was, but it felt like a Heroic Spirit. As he past the corner, he saw what appeared to be a boy, probably in his pre-teens, with dark hair. He wore a black and orange vest, and a pair of orange headphones around his neck. Suddenly, the boy looked at the area next to him and started to speak to no one.
"Something wrong, Amidamaru?" He asked. Right then, someone materialized next to him. He wore samurai robes, his hair
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 32 61



Jago vs Scorpion by Arachnid-le-Spider

Arachnid: The true challenge of being a great warrior is not to channel true power of great strength, no, it's to conquer your inner self and hatred and eventually become one with yourself forming a powerful bond of not only great skill, but of great spirit.

Scorpio: Then there is the way of channeling your inner hatred to become not only a successor of your emotion, but a powerful avenger of those who have fallen at your hand and strength. Like Scorpion, the Demonic Ninja of Hell spawned from Mortal Kombat.

Arachnid: And Jago, the Tiger Warrior of Truth made for Killer Instinct.

Scorpion: He's Arachnid and I'm Scorpio!

Arachnid: And it's our job to analyze their Weapons, Armor and Skill to find out who would win a Death Battle!

Challenge of the Scorpion and Tiger: Prelude
Mortal Kombat vs. Killer Instinct, It's a Fiery Battle of Spirits and Deities as these two poster-boys of the Fighting Genre duke it out!
Who will be left in the flames or thrown into the fire?! The Tiger Warrior or the Hellbent Avenger?

Scorpion, Mortal Kombat (C) Netherrealm Studios
Jago, Killer Instinct (C) Iron Galaxy, Rareware
The Platybelodon that I found in Birmingham, Alabama state (C) Me!

Credits here we come,
Thanks to :iconwater-frez: for the Scorpion bio.
And Special Thanks to :iconcrashrexez: for the Jago bio.
I have a Special TN I'm gonna use for an out of the blue prelude of mine.
Just want to get this one out.
Off-topic here but I'm gonna say something interesting.
I'd say the best way to introduce an enemy or a creature in fiction that is meant to be intimidating needs to have a mystery surrounding it. (Like say something killed a bear and it has puncture marks not known from any recognized animal. Or seeing tracks that belong to something bigger)

At least that's what I think.
Once upon a time there was a little girl wifh an adorable red cape and-
Jaang by Arachnid-le-Spider

For the Past, Present and Future we are Chosen

Samurai Jack (...) vs. Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Foolish by Arachnid-le-Spider

They only come if you say their name or shake their hand...

Aku (Samurai Jack) vs. Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)

the big sale will come soon
comic con was fun also.


Arachnid-le-Spider's Profile Picture
Killian Crossan-Wale
United Kingdom…
You've made it onto my obscure profile, now leave you depress me.
In all seriousness welcome to my unbeknownst profile where I stride to be an Artist/Musician/Writer in my ever so growing life, who knows maybe we can become acquainted or share a debate along the way.
I write stuff called Death Battles a series which resolves around combatants getting into a fight and determining who would win depending on what they bring to the table.

With that being said I hope you enjoy your stay.
Now I must go back to procrastinating with all those Indie Games.


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